Planning a funeral can be a difficult time, and may feel like a huge responsibility. You will be able to draw on good professional support to help you through the decisions and responsibilities. Planning a funeral in Tockholes begins by choosing a Funeral Director in either Darwen or Blackburn. Let the funeral director know that you would like to hold the service in Tockholes, and they will contact the minister or church secretary to make the arrangements, including arranging a burial plot if needed. If you are planning a funeral elsewhere, whether at a Crematorium, burial ground, or woodland burial site, but would like a United Reformed Church minister to lead the ceremony, the funeral directors can also arrange this.

With the funeral director, you will agree the date and time, and many of the practical arrangements. The minister, or elder, who will lead the service will contact the chief mourner to discuss the service further, and wherever possible, make arrangements to meet with those planning the funeral to find out more about the family’s wishes, and any funeral plans left by the one being mourned.

If there are particular elements that you wish to include in a funeral, please let the minister or elder know. Before that meeting, it may be helpful to think about readings and music that will be part of the ceremony. These elements create spaces for people to pause and reflect within the ceremony, and to express different emotions and thoughts about life, death, love, and loss.